my squints

John came home last night pumped up to make some changes together and laid out the plan for me in great detail.  So this morning when I came home from seminary I found him laying in our bed with his scriptures in hand and our girl next to him with a a belly full of chocolate milk and watching a show on his phone. A few minutes later he popped out of bed and we got dressed and exercised in the living room to Jillian Michaels.  I looked around at our babies joining in with us and crawling all over us during floor exercises and I was so happy that this is my life.

I get to sweat and laugh and grow spiritually with the most incredible partner by my side.  There is a line in my patriarchal blessing that says, "you will help your companion rise to his full stature and he will do the same for you".  I've seen that so much through out our marriage. Just when one of us needs a little push or encouragement or motivation the other one comes in at the right time with that need.  There is such a balance that surrounds our interactions.  

I'll never forget one morning on the way to church we both had been a little short with each other in the storm that is getting a family of four out the door on time for 9am church.  We both drove the first few minutes silently while the children chattered on in the back and I put on my makeup. I was so aware that I didn't want any tension between us so I just blurted out something random about a house on the corner of double springs and new hope church road.  We had been watching the progress of this house renovation for months.  It was simple and it immediately cleared the air and then we were back to laughing and being happy.

Ive learned that it is always important in our marriage to put the other person first. Above our pride and all of the temptation it can be to hold on to the little things.  I'm more in love everyday with the man I chose to build my life with and in so honored he chose me. 

We have been through a lot lately and he has been such an example to me of being faithful in hard times and always showing forth kindness.  I want to be so much more like him.  

I love my John Murphy.   


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