Easter weekend

Our Easter weekend was so packed. 

Friday we went to mom and Michaels and played around the house and property and mom made a meal and we ate by candlelight.  That afternoon Michael taught Avett how to hit the carpenter bees drilling holes in the barn with a stick.  Then we all took a turn and it was so fun! Then we had a little Easter egg hunt and the kids loved it. 

Saturday john had to work but E and A and I went to my dad and Jen's.  Dad brought us each back a little something from his recent Europe trip. Evaleigh a porcelain doll, Avett a soccer ball, and a delftware vase for me.   Evaleigh fell in love with her doll right away. The kids played dress up and that lead to an Easter egg hunt outside in their dress ups.  A ninja and a queen bobbled around the backyard to find their eggs.  Avett was all over the place and very in to it! Evie was carefully walking around since she was resolved to hunt in plastic high heeled slippers. 

Saturday night I got to go to the General Women's Session Broadcast with mom.  It was so great to sit with her and hold her hand.  She brought me a notebook to write in and I took notes of all of the ways I could be more patient and loving to my children. 

Sunday we had church and I taught Sunday school. When we came home we are pork tenderloin and some waaaayyyy too salty sweet potatoes.  John was kind to even get seconds.  Then we did the resurrection eggs that I grew up doing as a child and then watched the easer story on Mormon Channel.  Whenever Jesus was being crucified Avett would go up to the tv and say, "Bye bye Jesus, I love you Jesus."

I'm so grateful for my Savior.  I'm grateful because ever good thing I have in my life is because of His grace and love for me. He means everything to me. 


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