the engagement

So, who wants to know how John and I got engaged? 
Oh, everyone? 
Ok, well here you go.

We took people by surprise in the cold early month of January 2010. A lot of people said phrases like, "I didn't even know that they were dating!" or "Wow, that was pretty fast!" You probably are wondering how it all went down so here it is, the low-down.
We met at church in September 2009. John moved to Atlanta to take a job working for a company that provides video conferencing for law firms. I had been living in Atlanta for the past five years as a vocal performance opera student at Georgia State University. We met playing dodge-ball and at first I fell in love with a handsome boy who I cheered on from the sidelines named, "Shaun." To my embarrassment later that night I was informed that the so called stud "Shaun" was actually named John.
Soon after, one night, I came home to find John in my living room playing guitar. That night we hit it off playing music for one another till the wee hours of the morning.
We started dating and were a little unsure of what would happen seeing that John had plans to move out to Utah and attend Brigham Young University in January. After a couple weeks of dating one night John asked me how I would feel if he stayed in Atlanta. I felt surprisingly peaceful and excited about that prospect considering the short amount of time we had spent together. The next day the decision was divinely made and everything came together perfectly. John had decided to stay to see where things would go...and go they did.
Our courtship was short and romantic. It evolved around music and laughter. I was involved in a basketball accident (trying to keep up with John's mad skills) in early December. I fractured my heel bone and got a third degree sprain in my ankle. John took care of me the whole time I was recovering, carrying me on his back to the bathroom and bringing me my toothbrush in bed so I wouldn't have to walk to the bathroom. I was wheelchair bound for a little while.  I knew through his selflessness and willingness to serve me that he would take care of me the rest of our lives.
We have always shared a passion and deep love for music. We have loved learning new music together and serenading one another. 
One night John was changing the strings on his guitar who he had affectionately named "Hannah" and I made us matching rings out of the strings, the "g-string" naturally was MINE. A few nights following John took that that G-string ring and put it on my finger and said, "I want to be with you forever. Will you be my wife?" I said "Yes!" and the rest is history!


Autumn said...

What a cute story :) I love reading people's stories!

amy D said...

Aww, you all have such a sweet love story! Love love love the guitar string ring :)

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