parkers baby shower

Mr. Parker is coming to join us in just a month!  Remember when this happened?? 
That feels about 10 minutes ago.
But now he is coming to this world and I can't wait to be his auntie!

Thanks to Ashlyn for a few extra pictures!  (more pictures here...I found the foot ruiner...do I get a cookie for real??)

After everyone left we stayed outside until it got dark, and then we stayed outside some more and made a fire.  I don't think my feet went inside until 11:30pm.

I can't wait to meet that tiny baby!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful shower! I pinned a couple of pictures from it for shower inspiration is that ok?
If not just let me know and I'll take them down straight away, it was just so beautiful!
Congratulations to your sister :)

(the pin link http://pinterest.com/pin/140737557075472799/ )

Ash said...

Cookie time! And I'm so glad there's another super awkward photo of me on the internet! I look crazy.

Thanks again for all the fun!

Unknown said...

That looks so fantastic! Great decorations :-)

Jam Oblina said...

what a very creative and fun outdoor baby shower! :-) I'm so sure everyone was delighted.


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

You are such a beautiful momma and what a fun baby shower!

I have been following Ashlyn's blog for a while and it never occurred to me that y'all would know each other. In Utah ...you don't even know people who live three blocks away because they are in a different ward. I'm excited to go back to that feeling where everyone feels connected even if it is far away :)

Rachel said...

You did such a lovely job on the decor!Definitely "pin" worthy! :)

Jessica Holly said...

This is soooo darling!

Vickie said...

Can you throw me a baby shower!? PLEASE!!! (not anytime soon though)

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