tree gazing

This Saturday we had a family day outside.
John thoroughly washed and detailed our cars while Evie and I laid on a blanket and tree gazed. 
We listened to his ultimate Pandora mix and he kept bringing me long lost treasures that had been held captive by our vehicles.  He recovered an earring I had been looking for and a brand new tube of mascara. 

I must say it is just as good or better than star gazing.
I loved watching the shadows dance across EJ's face and see her respond to many new noises.  The horses were galloping in the pasture and the wind was rustling through the trees above our heads.

It was a great Easter weekend full of a surprise birthday party, Finnish baked goodness, finding out my sweet S-I-L is pregnant!!, Easter baskets hunts by my clever mother, and a little photo shoot with my beautiful and very pregnant sister.  
I can't WAIT to have another baby around. Looking at her son's newborn onesies at her apartment made me nostalgic for those tiny days that pass so quickly.


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

Okay, I'm loving the brown hair!

This looks like the best day. Utah decided to be kind and warm up for Easter so we spent time with a friend's family who had small children- so much fun!

Elisha said...

these pictures are awesome!! and ugh!! your so pretty! :P <3

Deveny said...

Love the brown hair on you!! Sounds like a perfect low key Easter.

Christi Lynn said...

that quilt is adorable! and so are you and your baby :)

Kate said...

the dark hair is marvelous on you rachel! i lovvve it. i also love little EJ's dress. so darling. i want it in my size! :)

Jessica Holly said...

sounds like a dream!

Unknown said...

EJ is just so precious! She's absolutely a sweetie for sure :-) Happy Easter!

Ashley Jorgensen said...

I'm your newest follower and love your pictures of sweet EJ! Love the colors, the quilt, and the DRESS!

Happy Spring :)


Jorgensen Better Together

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