10 moments

1. Watching the rain fall down together.  I love seeing her take in the new world around her.

2.  Baby jammies, sleeping early in the morning, and holding Daddy's hand.

3.  The invitation I designed for my sisters baby shower, EJ is getting a cousin in 6 weeks!!!

4. Silly smiles.  I love how they are making their appearance more often with every passing day.

5.  Cherry blossoms blooming in our yard.

6.  Nothing in the world beats a moment like this.

7.  I jumped on that band wagon and I don't regret it.  Maybe I do like reading after all.  Nursing has afforded me a little extra time to pick up a new hobby.

8.  No, no...that was no curling iron.  My baby gave me a hickey.  A straight up purple and blue collar bone hickey. 

9.  Blue eyes, you are all that I need.

10.  Daddy and Evaleigh's new trick...it gives me a heart attack but I love it.  She is already our little performer.


Kieren said...

Nursing does provide a lot of time to read and blog stalk! I (foolishly!) tried to start the Hunger Games around the 9th hour of my labor. Yeah... I read like two pages in an hour! Haha! After the birth, when I spent like 15 hours breastfeeding per day, I finished off the trilogy. :)

Spoiled Eggs said...

You guys are such a GORGEOUS family!! I loved all 10 of these precious little moments.

Makeup and Modified's said...

Such a beautiful little family full of memories that will last a life time. :)

Christi Lynn said...

oh number four is priceless!!

Christi Lynn said...

oh number four is priceless!!

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