my dance moves

Miss EJ is a spicy fiery little ball of personality. She definitely has an opinion on how she likes things to be. Lately she has been doing the hulk smash with her thunder thighs.
She hears everything around her and we think she knows her name because when we say it she'll look up from what she is doing.
She is arching her back and trying to turn over.
Everything goes in her mouth.
She likes to hold my hand when we nurse.
She has never let me hold her like a baby, cradled laying down in my arms, until this past weekend when she was sick for the first time. I enjoyed some extra special snuggle time.

Yesterday I was dancing, very badly, to a Pandora radio station for her and she just started giggling at me. I stopped and got down really close to her face and started laughing with her. We were staring at each other and shared about 10 seconds laughing back and forth. That has to be in my top 10 life moments. I look forward to growing my relationship with this little girl of mine so much. Especially while she still thinks my dance moves are cool.


Makeup and Modified's said...

Aw, aren't those moments so special? Of course I am not a mom (yet) but I teach preschool and my class are the little 16-24months...I just love dancing around, holding them, and making them giggle..because I know its only due time they will think I am a goof. hah. :)

Shawna Faye said...

Aww! I love your blog and how you share these sweet little moments. Being a momma has it's challenges but dang, it sure is pretty awesome too, isn't it?

Jessica Holly said...

that is so sweet!

Unknown said...

Dawh isn't she just precious as can be?! :)

xo Shane

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