I couldn't hold this child back any longer.
Wild horses couldn't have kept her from these sweet taters today.

I set an array of baby food choices out in front of her and let her pick which one she wanted.  Of course she would have gone for any one in reach but she knocked over the sweet potatoes first so  there it was...her first food of choice. ( besides lemon and the little bit of ketchup and whipped cream I have let her suck off of my finger.)

About a minute in I left her hold the spoon and she gave that spoon a smack down.  The poor spoon went flying out of her hand and splattered on to the floor.  John said, "And so it begins."  All I could hear was, "Rachel, welcome to your new life of cleaning up food off of the floor...forever more."  Dun dun dun. 

We bathed her off in the bathroom sink and about 30 minutes after the taters it was like she had just had Thanksgiving dinner and she passed out for about 25 minutes.  I hope this is a preview to longer sleeping nights.

We are going to try bananas in the morning.

Being a mother is so much fun.


Rachel said...

YOU make being a mother look like so much fun!Cue the baby fever! ;)

Unknown said...

Yayyyy for foods! She will be sleeping much better. Luke LOVES his veggies, fruits, and cereal and sleeps like a baby should! This post is so cute and I laughed out loud at the "and so it begins" things. Hahaha.

Deveny said...

I love the first food stage! I started mine with cereal mixed with applesauce/pears. Their faces are just to precious when they realize how good food can taste. :)
But yes.....cleaning up food on faces, hands, clothes and the floor never ends.... haha

Shawna Faye said...

I can't get over how her eyes are EXACTLY like yours. So beautiful!

And starting solids is so much fun! I always got so excited to introduce something new to my baby and get to watch her experience something new.

Aarika said...

Starting solid foods is so much fun! It's so funny to see their eyes light up like "what is this glorious thing happening in my mouth right now??" :)

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