on making it my own

As most of you know, ever since my parents divorced last year John and I have been living with my mother.
It was difficult to go from living in a cute little apartment where I could express myself and decorate however I wished to a space that was fully its own and someone else's.

I don't know what it is inside of us that gives us the urge to create and make a place our own, but I lost a lot of that last year.  I didn't feel like this home was mine and I couldn't break out of that funk for a long time.  There is something so satisfying about creating your own space.  I take so much joy in making our home a beautiful place to live and I find that it really does make me happier when I do so.

With my mother's recent engagement (congrats to my mom and her gentleman emailer!) we have solidified our plan to live here for about two more years while she goes to be with her new husband for a while before returning back to this house.  With this news my mother said to me about the house, "HAVE AT IT!"  So, thats what I did.  Today I made the living room ours.  

I feel brand new.


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

Congratulations to your Mom! I imagine that is a little weird, but good for her for getting the life she wants.

Until we moved to our town home here...it was always very obvious that we were living in student housing and we wouldn't be there long. With our impending move, I couldn't bring myself to decorate knowing I would have to box it all up! It's such a nice feeling to spread out and make a place our home! Very exciting for you to have a place with a timeline!

Unknown said...

That's so exciting! Your mom totally deserves it! The living room looks great - I love birdcages. Jeff makes fun of me! Let us know if you want us to just come live with you guys and raise our baby girls together!

Jessica Holly said...

Congrats to your mother! I love the living room- so you! I completely agree as well. I'm so much happier when I can make our nest my own :)

Unknown said...

So happy for your momma and you, to be able to have your creative space again. Your lovely little E looks just like you! Wonderful decorating skills. :)

The Michelle Show said...

Congrats to your Mother - and good for you for making yourself feel like home!

Robyn said...

wow-that is exciting-and great for you to be able to make 'home' more yours.

Makeup and Modified's said...

That's how I feel - completely.
My boyfriend and I are living at his Grandparents house..(They retired and moved to Arizona) but everything of their is still here, in this house, and all we get to decorate and express ourselves in is our little bedroom. (which I just painted BRIGHT blue, may I add) and I keep begging to move out so that I can have my very own HOUSE to decorate. I am itching for it. And I know i'd be more comfortable if I walked into a living room that was full of "Ashleeness" and if it also looked like 22yr olds living room vs a 70yr olds. Hmm..

How Exciting though for your mom to do that - I can't wait to see what you have planned! :)

-Ashlee Michelle

Rachel said...

I think it's a woman thing-needing to nest and make a home for the people we love.I've been in somewhat of my own funk because our living situation is temporary and I figure what's the point?!I am aching to decorate again!You've made your space so lovely (we have a lot of the same taste!)And Congrats to your mom!

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