instagram alphabet vol. 2

I am still working on getting all of the images together for Evaleigh's Instagram Alphabet. When I get it all together I am going to send it to print for a board book for her. 

I am either using this website or this one. Can't wait!

(follow along @johnandrachelmurphy)

I only have 7 letters left to gather images for.

E, G, I, K, U, W, X

Any suggestions??


Tracy said...

e.. evaleigh! g..does she have sophie the giraffe? or any glasses around the house? i..ice cubes,anything indigo that you own. k..key. u...umbrellas anywhere? w..wine? x..xypolophones anywhere? just trying to help ya brainstorm. i love your blog, like i've said before, when i had to have my emergency c-section, i felt better about it cause of your post..

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