a future scout

When we headed out of the door last night I knew our baby's gender looked like a toss up.

John had promised a night of going to Sherry's Produce down the street to get our Christmas tree. When we got there, Sherry had closed her shop for the night, I guess that's what you get for going out in search of a tree at nearly 7:30 on a Monday night. I was disappointed and John and I tossed around the idea of trying again on Wednesday because by then we would have our decorations. "But dangit," I thought, "I showered AND put on makeup. We are going to get our tree!"

So we went driving and shortly came upon a troop of Boyscouts selling Christmas trees, success! We got out and Evaleigh started kicking her little legs and panting like a dog, the way she does when she gets excited. We went over to the 5 and 6 footers and she started pointing at one tree over and over. We knew it had to be the one because she picked it out!

So we took it over and a Boy Scout clipped off the low boughs. Another man, who smelled like he had been hitting the sauce that night, came over with a chainsaw...I had to take a few steps back. He trimmed the bottom of the tree, took one look at EJ, and said, "Well you sure are cute, a future scout for sure." We just smiled and said, "You bet."

And that it the story of how our future little scout got her first Christmas tree.


Ash said...

Oh my gosh that last picture cracks me up.

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