a little one year old

This past weekend we had Evaleigh's first birthday tea party.
It was surreal to be the mom at my child's birthday party.
Can't wait to share the details of the decorations tomorrow.
Til then enjoy these pictures by my dear friend Katie from Life Framed Photography (Thanks Katie!).  And a video of EJ smashing her cupcake (Thanks Jen!).


Alyssa said...

Her face in the first one is how I feel when I see cake!

Whim Wham Life said...

sososo fun! one year old birthday parties are my new favorite life event to attend! xoxo

Jessica Holly said...

those photos are priceless!

Tori Baldridge said...

She is the cutest little thing!!

Robyn said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos! Happy birthday evaleigh! (Ps-your blog is looking especially lovely!)

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