Evaleigh, you are perfect at 15 months.
We are entertained by you constantly.  You always have me smiling at something funny you are doing.  I love turning around and there you are at my feet handing me your 'puppis'.  Some days I think that is the only word you know.  You love your puppy so much.  I love how its rarely in singular form, its mostly puppies or my puppies, and then on occasion you put them together and call it 'muppis'.  That's my favorite.

I'm not sure if you really speak English.  When you talk I swear it is French that is coming out.  Especially when you really get going.  Its the most adorable and entertaining thing.

You have one curl on the back of your head that we call your duck tail.  I'm not sure why the rest of your head is failing to grow hair.  But I love your stubborn receding hairline and your single curl.

You love to give your daddy kisses first thing in the morning.  Its a big part of our morning routine.  And for whatever reason whenever we come back upstairs from breakfast and daddy is fresh out of the shower that is when you can't resist being held by him.  He loves it.

You are such an explorer.  You love being outside and would spend all day out there if I would let you.  You love carrying around little rocks and leaves and pointing to the sky when you hear birds.

You are such a cool kid.


Rebekah McLain said...

I love these pictures!

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