yep, still pregnant...

Well, d-day has come and gone and.....no baby. I'm still very pregnant and even though it has been three days since d-day, it feels like an eternity. I know this is completely normal but when you've been looking forward to a baby every day for the past nine months, each passing extra day seems like forever.  Especially in the pelvis, knowwhatimsayin?

I'm very much in favor of letting this boy come on his own but with a deadline for going in to spontaneous labor because I am a VBAC, I'm getting a little nervous.  Of course he would already be doing things to make his mama nervous.  Say a little prayer for us please if you can!

There are some perks to being this  pregnant.  I can pretty much get anyone in my family to answer the phone when I call.  They always seem to answer nervously and immediately and suspiciously ask how I'm doing.  I also have my sweet husband on edge nonstop. If I just switch positions in the middle of the night he'll wake up sort of breathless and ask if I'm having contractions. I have intensely hard Braxton hicks about 20-30 times a day but nothing ever comes of them.  

Each night I go to sleep hoping to be surprise awakened by contractions in the middle of the night. When I wake up in the morning and nothing has happened, I have just resigned myself to another full pregnant day. For some reason I would be surprised to go in to labor during the day.  I was hoping this little boy would be my birthday present but I guess he didn't want to share his special day with me.

Hey Avett! We are ready to meet you, so come out soon, ok son?


Jessica Holly said...

I went into labor in the afternoon- so there's hope :)

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