where I'm spending the whole summer

About a month and a half ago I won a giveaway from Madera Co Wood Designs.  My dear friend Belen's fantastic South African boyfriend has a unique new business.  He makes gorgeous furniture out of wooden palettes.  His pieces are custom stained how ever you'd like to perfection.

While trying to choose what we would like I came across a picture of a wood palette swing and sent it to him to see what he thought about it.  Within a matter of minutes he was writing back with excitement and loved the idea of that project.  He drew up a sketch of how he would improve upon that design and was so eager to get it done and make it beautiful.  I was so impressed with his excitement and dedication to his work.  In 10 days from start to finish I had a beautiful new work of art to use in my yard.

The original idea was just a palette swing but he came up with the idea of doubling it as use for a hanging table.  He stained a dark 'm' on the top in a typewriter font.   I just fell in love with it when I saw it and I couldn't wait to get it up. 

Evaleigh loved it too.  She was swinging standing up, sitting down, on her back, on her belly, and all sorts of ways.  She laid down for a rest on it and said, "Mama, I love my new swing."

I can't wait to use this new piece all summer and well in to fall! 

Go 'like' him on his Facebook Page to keep up with his work and for future news, giveaways, and posts!

You can contact him for custom pieces at: Africanidea@gmail.com


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