Resolution update

Two weeks ago while my babies slept I finished reading The Book of Mormon for the second time since January (Jan. 30-May 11)! My New Years resolution for 2015 was to read the Book of Mormon as many times as I could in the year.  I've never been a great reader so this was a lofty goal for me.  I have been so proud of my self and the way I've been able to stay on track for what I've wanted to do.

I am so in love with that book and how it makes me feel when I make the time to read it.  I know it is true scripture given to us by God.  I know that it works hand in hand with the Bible to bring us the full gospel of Jesus Christ. It has blessed my life immeasurably this year and I am so grateful for the success I've had in my goal to read it as many times as possible this year.  It is true and actual scripture and it is revelation given to us by God.  The heavens are not shut and He still speaks to us today to our own souls and through His living prophets upon the earth. I believe that with my whole soul. And I believe in Christ, He is my King. 


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