(Taken by John last week as the children piled on to Evies bed for a bed time story. Keep love in your heart little one)

Tonight was the end of one of those eternally exhausting days. But as I took my place in the old chair that belonged to my grandmother in Evaleigh's room she picked out her two books for the night and hopped up in to my lap.  I curled down over her for a hug and a snuggle and she said, "that's why I love you mom."  I asked her if my hugs were what she was referring to and she nodded yes. It was a moment I never want to forget.  Then I hugged her again and I told her, "we have a special relationship you see, you and me. You will always be my little girl and I will always be your mommy." Then she rubbed my arm curled up as close to my body as she could get and said, "you are special."  I just wanted to linger in that moment as long as she would let me.  It felt warm and good and just like the sorts of things I dreamed motherhood would feel like.

Motherhood and just plain old life is so busy these days I don't have a lot of time for lingering the way that it beckons in the newborn or infant stages. We are 3 busy bodies in our home going from task to task, toy to toy, craft to craft, dirty projects and play times, mealtime to snacktime and nap time at all moments.  

Ev and I have a habit of whispering secrets in to each others ears these days and many of them go like this, "I love you mom and I will always love you and you are a good mom and I really love."  And mine are about like this, "I love you so, please always be a good girl and make good choices and remember who you really are. I am proud of who you are becoming."

I love my tender hearted darling Evaleigh Joy Murphy.


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