a little date with a little girl

This past weekend Evie got to go on a special date with her Pawpaw to the Georgia Bulldogs football game.  She was so excited and wouldn't stop talking about it all week! We pumped her up by watching a couple of YouTube videos of GA football.  Pawpaw showed up with a little tattoo for her to wear and one for Avett too. She left out of here in Pawpaws bright red convertible with the biggest grin on her face, I know she felt special. 

They went to the Varsity before the game and by 9:45 she had already eaten French fries! They went to the dog walk and Evie got a pompom that she wore on her wrist all day.  My dad said she was pretty much perfect, with the exception of one little meltdown the first time GA made a great play and my dad cheered (yelled) it scared her.  After an explaination that it was because he was happy and excited she calmed right back down.

I'm so glad that she is getting to build memories like this with her grandparents. She is already taking about wanting to go again.  Thanks Pawpaw!

(Also I came across these pictures of Evie in a UGA cheer outfit from when she was probably 8 months or so. My how our sweet girl has grown!)


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