as big as your face

This past weekend we took Avett to Washington Farms for a little pre birthday celebration.  They had a sunflower field where you could cut any stalk down for $1.  John found one with 15 sunflowers on it and I found one as big as my face! Avett had so much fun exploring and walking through the fields and trying to pick up the pumpkins.  He would say, "I so strong!"  Evie was is a rough mood since she has recently decided to give up naps and her sleep schedule is completely off. She fell asleep 20 minutes before we got there and was deep asleep when we had to wake her up.  When we were paying for our warty pumpkin and sunflowers she saw popcorn for sale and cried for some. We didn't get it so it turned in to a melt down. Such is life with children.  

When we walked over to the pumpkin patch the weather was perfect.  It was slightly chilly with a breeze.  I'd say it was the perfect October day.  This is such a fun month and I just get giddy over any sort of fall activity.


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