our 2 year old boy

Yesterday our boy turned two! We had such a sweet day with him. We started out the day by going up to his room and throwing yellow balloons in his crib while he had his morning "cha-nuk".

He came downstairs and opened his presents: a truck, Halloween socks, spiky balls, a Nutella and breadsticks snack, new boots, and a pair of pants.  He played with the truck all day! 

We went to church and I made brownies to share with his little friends in nursery and they gave him a blue balloon with his name and age on it.

We we got home John's parents came over and we had lunch together and they gave him a gift and then we spent the rest of the day outside while Pops and John played disc golf in the yard. They were practicing throwing and sharing tips. Shelley and I ate persimmons and chased the kids around.  Avett must have run at least 3 miles pushing his $1 big red truck all over the yard.

Avett is such a sweet little boy. He loves me so much and never hesitates to show it.  He loves kissing me and giving me hugs at any opportunity.  He is a naturally very affectionate child.  He loves his momma.  He wants to be touching me, in my arms, or snuggling.  He is also very active.  He loves anything but with wheels on it.

Some of his favorite things to say right now are: I changed my mind, cool huh?, and I strong. 

First thing in the morning while drinking his chocolate milk he will put his arm around the back of my neck like he is my boyfriend trying to make a move on me. I love it.

His answer to almost anything we say to him is "What?" or "Why?" 

He loves to pray and will interrupt almost anyone because he wants to pray too, he's even tried to do that at church during sacrament. He says, "Anem." at the end of prayers.

We love him so much and can't imagine life without our boy. 

We love you Avett!!


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