You have changed so much so fast this year.  I feel like with each passing week something in you matures just a little bit more.  I think you have found a new independence since Evie has gone to school.  I am so proud of how you can find one small thing and it can occupy you for hours!  When ever we go to Momomee's house you fill up cups with water and carry them to a bucket back and forth until you've filled the entire thing.  Some afternoons I'll send you and your sister outside to play so I can I finish the dishes or what ever house chore may be ailing me.  You find your spot right in the sand box and you talk to your self and play until you either have to pee or I call you back inside for a bath.  

You still love me so much.  I've grown accustomed to your clockwork smooches and hugs and snuggles.  You need them as much as I need them now.  Thank you for loving me like you do despite my flaws and shortcomings, I want to be more like you.   


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i absolutely adore your family and especially your kids. i am sure they will grow up to be responsible individuals with the way you raise them. it is so nice to see such hearty and happy families

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