i love who you are and who you are becoming


I love who you are and who you are becoming.  You are everything I ever hoped having a daughter would be like.  You love to exclaim, "I wouldn't ever choose any mommy but you.  You are the best!"  Well I certainly feel the same way about you.  Gosh, you are growing.  Kindergarten this year, really?  I'll miss the heck out of you but oh how you are ready.  Here are a few things about you lately.

Smiling in Daddy's lap at a bonfire at momomee's.  I swear those flames got to be 40 feet high!  Biggest bonfire we've had out there ever!

You appreciate the value of family just like I do.  You love to ask questions about our family ties and who is related to who and how.  I've always done that too.  It is so important to cherish your heritage and from whom you've come.  Thank you for loving Nanny the way you do.  We are so SO lucky to still have her and I am grateful you will have memories of her.  I remember my great-grand mothers and visiting them, it is what binds generations together.  Weeping willow tree in the front yard, Grandmother Curles old weathered skin and the way her eyes reminded me of Papa, and the secret garden across the street from Grandmother Shepphard's.  Grandmother Mallonee's high rise apartment in Asheville.  Always make an effort to see your family.  Always.

You were so good at General Conference this past weekend.  You took it in and were attentive and echoed words and phrases you knew.  

I hope you never stop wanting to get dirty.  Explore, roll in the mud, pick up little critters, be curious about the bird noises you hear, and walk barefoot, make believe.  Those sorts of things were the foundation of my childhood.  It makes me feel so proud to see you do the same.

Oh boy.  This was me asking you about Will.  A boy from school you've come home talking about for months now. The range of your emotions go from joy to embarrassment. But I think its getting serious. He held your hand during quiet time at school today.  Oh my goodness I couldn't figure out how to process my thoughts and emotions as you told me that. I asked you, "Did you think 'what is happening?' or 'huh that's nice.'"  You said, "Huh, that's nice."

A few other things you said to me about him today, "Guess what? Our birds played together.  Mine and Will's.  His bird's nest was like a hot tub because they were all laying down."

"Will got a hair cut today."

"He has brown hair, blue eyes, is taller than me, and was wearing a brown shirt today."

"Guess what? Will knows everything.  Dinosaurs were in the 90's and 80's.  That was a long time ago when dinosaurs were here."

"Will said I could come over to his house."

Ok, I'm going to go put some books on your head now so you stop growing up!  But actually, I love seeing every single stage you go through and THANK YOU for talking to me about it all...please never stop.

Speaking of talking to me, you came home from school Tuesday so chatty and you and I sat on the swing at momomee's house for 10 minutes while I just let you tell me every detail about school.  I couldn't get enough.  It was like I was parched and I just soaked in every word you had to offer.  I love you so much.

Last night while I was doing bedtime solo I asked you to read a book while I put Avett to bed.  I came in and you were reading Madeline, a favorite since Lindsey gave it to you for your 1st birthday.  You started looking for your Madeline doll Grandmaw gave to you for Christmas and then you "read" the whole book from memory and each time Madeline was on the page you had her point to her self.

You are lovely to watch, to take in, to study and cherish.  I'm so glad I am your mom.  Our life is so so good.

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