Family Tree

One of my very favorite Christmas sights are trees piled a-top cars tied with string.

I love imagining how happy that tree must be because it is going home to a place to fulfill the reason it was created.  I love thinking that it feels beautiful adorned with lights and ornaments.

Christmas trees really are a magical thing.  
The evergreen tree reminds us of life and that Christ lived for us and with Him He brought the possibility of everlasting life.  How grateful I am for His birth and for His life.  
I love this time of year to reflect on my love for my Savior.

So, today as a family we went to get our Christmas tree.

(Thank you Pia for my lovely German scarf!)

Daddy found it! 

Our family has a house up in the western mountains of North Carolina.  
My father grew up in the house, my grandmother grew up in the house, my Great Grandmother and her husband lived in the house, and my great-great grandparents Zeb and Rachel Cathey (the woman I was named after) built the home.  Needless to say, North Carolina is a special place to us.

Our family tradition is to go to NC, stay in our old family home, wake up early, and go to the Nesbitt Christmas tree farm.  We hike a mountain and search and search and then cut down our own tree.  Dad gets mad as he struggles to cut down our (normally 8 or 9 foot) tree.  Then we all blissfully drive home with our little piece of North Carolina.

This year, my father had surgery and we were not able to make the trip because of his health.  But something wonderful happened when we went to go pick out our tree.

We asked where the trees were from and the man said, "North Carolina."


Merry Christmas.


Diana Smith said...

I love seeing trees going home too! Thats so fun you have a house to go with so much history!

lindsay said...

first of all, i love your new header up top...so festive and beautiful.
second, you all look so absolutely lovely and happy :)
third...i love that scarf - it is so pretty (so nice of you pia!!)
and lastly, this was such a wonderful post. i'm so happy that you all found your tree for this christmas. i'm positive that the tree was so very happy to meet you all too :)


Michaela said...

HOw fun! I love picking the tree out with my family. You have a beautiful family (: Can't wait to see the tree decorated (:

Brooke T said...

I love that family photo! and your scarf is amazing :) aw so glad that they were from NC! I live in Charlotte!

Love the new header too!

Brooke T said...

I love that family photo! and your scarf is amazing :) aw so glad that they were from NC! I live in Charlotte!

Love the new header too!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Such a great story & cute pics, too. I think Christmas trees are pretty magical.

~M~ said...

What a great family memory!

vintch said...

LOVE the new header, girl! you two look so lovely and totally in l-o-v-e:) and YAY for christmas trees from north carolina! i'd say we do have the best, but perhaps i'm a bit biased:) LOVED this post!

Taylor Ashley said...

First off ! love christmas season and all the time that is there to reflect on the savior too, its the true meaning af christmas and i think it gets lost in the presents and santa claus, second i love love love north carolina my little family used to go with my dad of course and we stayed in a little beach house every year, we havent been in like 8 years though, im jealous and i miss it ! happy holidays [:

oh and p.s. love the heading picture ! so cute !!

Laura Bain said...

You are beautiful. I love you with blonde hair! Merry Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is such a heartwarming story! JJ and i keep talking about moving to north carolina. we both want to head out east once i graduate. it sounds so so magical.

and i adore your new header. it is perfect. i have to email you! forgive my procrastination- i feel like a failure with school and work all up in my grill!

Melissa said...

I had no idea North Carolina could be so magical. We just moved her. Well our tree is from North Carolina too, maybe they were friends. Please let your tree know it's buddy went to a sweet home :) LOL.

Pia said...

Ooh, the scarf! You look beautiful! I'm so happy to see you wearing it! :)
And I'm glad that you found the perfect tree. When I was younger, my father and I always bought our tree together on Christmas eve (in Germany, you usually put up the tree on the 24th, but I couldn't wait that long and put ours up earlier). Sitting in the car next to home driving there always felt so special.
I really miss this little tradition of ours.

-Sam I Am- said...

You are too pretty for words!
For serious :)
And your family is just beautiful as well!

Shay said...

What a beautiful family you have! AND your new header is adorable! My favorite memories from growing up include searching for trees we got to hunt down on our own. How precious that the tree you found was from North Carolina! That story warmed my heart.

Lissa Chandler said...

you remind me so much of one of my friends in high school. have a wonderful christmas!

ali v. said...

1) I <3 NC!
2) I <3 your blog!
3) I miss being able to venture out sans coats in the month of December!

Thanks for the fun post! xoxo

Amy said...

What a lovely time! Your blog looks gorgeous by the way :)
You and your sweet man are just too darling together. I truly enjoyed reading this post. I could smell the Christmas trees coming off the computer screen as I was reading.

Amanda Moury said...

First of all, I LOVE your new header picture, it's so classic! Did you use photoshop and/or an iPhone app for that? Second, I also love seeing trees on tops of cars, even more I love seeing the people in the cars with the trees on top. Everyone looks so happy :) I hope your weekend was wonderful :)

Anna Walker said...

Amazing Story!
I am pretty sure I just fell in love with your blog! :)
Oh and your sweater is Fabulous, where did you get it?


Mikelle Jade said...

I LOVE your header. Seriously. you are beautiful :)

Unknown said...

i can't wait til the day where the mister and i have a house NOT an apartment so we have a nice real christmas tree. Sappy Trees + Carpet + + Small Spaces + Cats = HUGE MESS!

Enjoy the real one for me!


Unknown said...

Looks so much fun! I am glad you found the perfect tree!!!!!!!!

Check out my giveaway!

ConnieB said...

Okay that is the best ever... almost makes me want to cry it's so sweet! North Carolina! yay! :)

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