There's No Place Like Home...

...for the Holidays.

I heard that song approximately 100 times this Christmas season.  Do you ever find that there is that one special song that seems to be on the radio every time you turn it on during Christmas?
This year "Home for the Holidays" was it.
It embodied how I felt this year.
Being in my parents home this year was especially magical.

It was my first Christmas as a married woman
it was my first white Christmas.

Talk about overwhelming.

Matching footie pajamas equal real love.  
We danced around in our monkey feet all morning.

The snow was glorious. I have always wanted a white Christmas.  The fact that I got to experience my first one with my husband was something I will never forget.

John pummeled me in my stomach with a well packed snowball.  
I took it like a champ.

My sister and I posing splendidly on the stairs, just like every other Christmas...ever.

Remember when (this) happened?  Its wonderful how something can fill the hole in your heart right back up with love.  This is Pippi and she is our new love.  We still miss Honey and she will always live in our hearts.

There was sledding and snowball fights.  Well...for my hubs anyway.  I tried to sled but kept falling on my butt.

The day after Christmas Dad made us his famous breakfast.  
Delicious buttery, cheesy, crap now I can't fit in any of my pants yum.

All hand strung by yours truly.

NOW...for an A.D.D. string of thoughts:

May I suggest laying under the Christmas tree and looking through the limbs?  

I got a Kindle this year and I have no idea what to read.  I have never been a good reader but now that I am graduated, I am going to be allowed to read FOR FUN!!! What is that going to be like? 
What to read...what to read...

Merry Christmas to everyone...now to loose all of this Holiday weight. I don't recognize my own face.


Unknown said...

I HAVE THOSE FOOTY PAJAMAS! They are the very best thing in the entire world! And as for books, you must read Atonement by Ian McEwan and Conte of Monty Cristo is wonderful- I can't stop reading it!

Diana Smith said...

Your pajamas are soo cute!! Isnt it so fun to celebrate christmas as a married couple!! That was the best

Jeska said...

Cute pj's and yay for a white Christmas! I'm so so sorry to read about Honey. One of my worst fears is losing my dog and I cannot imagine the pain of that day. But I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAAA! it looks like john has a MAJOR wedgie in the pic of him sledding!!!! i LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!! okay, i literally was so excited reading this whole post. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!! i have way too many things to say.

1. i love your new header and layout. LOVE.
2. the footie pajamas are epically fantastic, and i would have stayed in them all day long.
3. john looks like he throws a mean snowball, and i hope you can run fast!
4. my dad also makes famous omelettes!!! we literally ran out of 36 eggs in the past few days because of all the omelettes and egg mcmuffin sandwiches my family ate.

5. i was hoping so so so much that the picture of that cute pup was a new family member to fill in some of the hole left by honey. i am so happy for your family and especially your mother!!

oh i have way too many things to say. i am just honestly so so glad you are back, and i can't wait to see all of the magnificent things you have in store for your glorious blog. merry christmas, my dear friend!!

Shay said...

I forget when I read your blog that you two are newlyweds- SO FUN! Glad you enjoyed your first Xmas as a married couple! LOVE the new header and the pictures are perfect! Hope you enjoy your new years as well:-)

Michelle Schraudner said...

These pictures are so darn cute! And I love those matching jammies!!

Anonymous said...

We got jammies too! But they weren't matching, or onesies, and had nothing to do with monkies. :( Crossing my fingers for next Christmas though! Haha! :)

You guys are so cute! So glad you were able to share a white Christmas together. God bless!

Amanda Moury said...

My heart just skipped a beat when I saw that you had blogged! I'm not gonna lie, I MISSED TUNES & SPOONS! :) Reading this all I could keep thinking was each picture was getting cuter and cuter! What a great holiday chronicled (sp?) in amazing edited photos :)LOVE IT! Welcome back! :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

GIRL! You are so gorgeous. I love all your pics...especially the footy jammies! HOW CUTE!

Looks like you had the most wonderful Christmas!! I have a couple of suggestions for you Kindle....Bloodroot (it's really the most amazing book, &even though the title sounds weird the book is totally not.) AND One Day (a fabulously modern love story)

Hope that helps! :)

morgan. said...

oh my gosh, i just cant handle how cute you guys are....

i totally feel the same way about reading! i read all the time for school, but when it comes to reading for "FUN"..? i freak out, slightly.

Rachael said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas!
Although next time you ever have a snowy Christmas, you can get your husband back and pummel him with snow!
Love those monkey footed jammies! So cute.
I love you and your sister's photo strip you took! I missed my sister this Christmas, so it's nice to see you and yours.
Cute puppy! She even looks like a Pippi!
Did you change your header on your blog? Yeah, you did. It's cute!!

lindsay said...

your pictures are always so glorious...in love!

those pj's have got to be the cutest i have ever seen :)

we have not had snow here in nebraska yet and i am waiting and waiting so i can go sledding...your photos make me want it even more!!

so happy that you had an amazing christmas with your family lovely!


syd b. said...

your first white christmas...how exciting! christmas isn't christmas without snow for me! love the pj's

Life Abroad said...

Just found your blog, it's so great! That must have been exciting to celebrate your first white Christmas as a married woman! I was really happy when we had a white Christmas here too (although it's really common up here in Canada...the past few years it has been green, so it was a nice surprise!)

Ooo a Kindle! I recommend Eat Pray Love.

Le pirate said...

Lovely blog, doll! I'm a new follower :)


xoxo, summer

Mariel Torres said...

it looks like it was an absolutely marvelous christmas... definitely unforgettable. i LOVE your matching pajamas!

Unknown said...

Your Christmas sounds amazing!!! And I absolutely looooooove your new header...perfection darling!

Renee said...

These pictures are so lovely! Happy holidays!

vintch said...

how is it that even in footie pajamas you look absolutely gorg?

i swear.

you are just the best, dear! so glad you have a fabulous christmas and got everything your sweet heart desired! your new header is the bomb.

Anonymous said...

READ THE HUNGER GAMES!!! I LOVED THEM!!! Joel got me a nook (Barns and noble version) but now were saving up for an ipad instead!! I love your blog/face!! Married Christmas ROCKS!! YOurs was White and ours was Sunny in Mexico!!

Jenna Andersen

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Sorry to pick your brain again about your pics, but what program have you been using to edit pics and apply that polaroid look?? I love what you're doing!!

Also, I'm so glad you got a new pup... I remember that post about your other doggie getting hit by the car. :( :( That was the first post of yours I ever read, and it made me CRY!!!

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