Have you heard the latest and greatest in musical advancements?
Oh, you haven't?  
Well here is a breath of fresh air for you.
It's called RAP-RA.
Its a lovely blend of rap and opera.
You heard right...opera.  I do that stuff.

About a year ago 3 of my genius friends and I crafted this lovely ditty with the help of Garage Band, a Mac, and lots of whit and gangsta love.  

Be warned...this song is about bootys.

We "primiered" it at a costume/surprise birthday party.  The party was for moi.  I have the best friends. 
I really miss these times.
And people.

Mr. Murphy and I didn't even know each other at this point!

My dear friends and I dressed up as each other.  It was all very confusing.

I was Jamie
Jamie was Lisa
Lisa was Belen
Belen was me

Get it? Got it? Good.

Here is us pre-dress up...

(do I look like I have one leg?)

Here we are at the Booty Do premiere.

Get ready to be rocked by Booty Do...

Lisa is now in Finland serving a mission...I miss this lady.
4 more months and she is home sweet america home.

So, how did you like Booty Do?  
Apparently its pretty catchy, its my nieces first song request every time we see them! 

I hope it will be stuck in your head all day now.

Calm it down, calm it down, calm it down....


brookeiam said...

okay so you are my new hero. i used to write funny songs all throughout classes in high school, but i never got the chance to record them. and i love all the sound effects...and the material most definitely :)

LOVE it.

<3, brooke

Brooke T said...

oh my gosh I really LIKE THIS!! IT's awesome and I love that you didn't know each other yet but literally standing so close! ha

Ashlee Martin Smith said...

There are so many reasons why I want to come to Georgia right now and this song is at the top of the list. We should hang out. We really, REALLY should. Not that I could add to your awesomeness, but I could totally add to mine by chillin' with you. You and your bootay rock. Calm it down.

Jessica Holly said...

hahahaha that is great!

Pia said...

That song is pure awesomeness! Haha love it!

lindsay said...

this seriously is the perfect start to my day...thank you for sharing lovely...i never knew i could adore rapra so much :)


Amanda Moury said...

I can't lie, I watched this last night and just came back this morning for seconds :) Love it! You and your friends are SO talented! I'm wondering when the Booty Do is going to catch on in the clubs... :)

Jeska said...

Aha that is great!

Diana Smith said...

That is awesome! Thats fun to have that picture of you 2 before you knew him

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

love love love your lace skirt :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Say what? My butt. I love it! Sounds similar to the Staxx Brothers in Seattle and they're pretty big (well minus the opera.)

Shay said...

My husband thinks I am so dumb cracking up at this right now! "...I cant stop my booty from jigglin" HA!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha that. was. amazing.

Katy said...

okay you and your husband are so adorable! you are hilarious and i love reading your blog! ;-)

s|davis said...

Fricken Genius! ;)

Simply Colette said...

Great blog! I'm glad you stopped by my blog... I'm following you now. :)



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