Hanky Panky GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok folks, it's time for THE talk.

You got it, we are talking about "Hanky Panky".

The "Hanky Panky" Giveaway that is...

These lovelies are NOT meant for wiping your precious schnoz.

They act as beautiful Hanky Wall Art.  

Here are a few examples of how you can use your hankys to get you so so very excited.

(Here) you can see how we had our Hanky Wall Art arranged once upon a time with all 9 together.  Since then they have gone their separate ways and 3 of them broke off in to a colony of their own.  See...

Here are the two beauties YOU will be receiving if when you are the randomly selected winner:

"So, what do I have to do?"  you may be wondering?

The Rules/Entries:

1.  You must be/become a follower friend of the Tunes and Spoons Blog
2.  You must leave a comment telling us where you would hang your lovely new Vintage Hanky Wall Art
3. You must leave a comment with a way for us to contact you if when you win! (i.e your email or your blog)
4. You must grab the following button and post it on your blog until the giveaway is over!

5. And if you want to have an extra entry, you can tell us a joke.  We like to laugh.

*Please remember to leave separate comments for each entry!

This giveaway will end on 3.2.11.

Hanky Panky is fantastic! 


Lissa Chandler said...

you seriously have the cutest little home!

Rachael said...

Cute hankys! You got me though, first I thought you were going to talk about something else! Great giveaway!

Beka said...

i would hang the hankys above my kitchen table in my little apartment. probably in cute vintage frames (if I can find some at a thrift store).


Beka said...

if i win... you can contact me at my blog www.justamericanhoney.blogspot.com

Beka said...

so i am pretty serious about this winning thing. here's joke: what happened to the peanut?

It was assaulted.

and for extra measure a Mormon pick up line (just because i think it's kind of joke): "Is your name virtue?.... because you've been garnishing my thoughts unceasingly"

i truly love your blog. with all my little heart. just saying

Julie Standley said...

toooo cute!

Im a new reader but i LOVE your blog.

be sure to "follow me"

Jessica Holly said...

I'd totally frame them and put them up in my bedroom...in true hanky panky fashion.

Andrea said...

I offer you the following joke as an entry:

How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little boogie into it.

ConnieB said...

Ahhh! Cute! I love these! FOllower from way back when (:

ConnieB said...

we're movin so I'm not sure which room they'd go in.. but I have some idears..(:

ConnieB said...

contact me at one or more of the following if I am the lucky winner (crossing everything)
blog: justhavingaball.blogspot.com
missconnie@rocketmail (dot) com

ConnieB said...

Why was the computer so tired when it got home?

-Because it had a hard drive!

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Vera Who?

Vera few people think these jokes are funny!

Hilary Lemon said...

In cute frames in my new living room in my new apartment that I'm going to share with my new husband come April 23rd! WOO!

Hilary Lemon said...

You can contact me via email: hilarywlemon at gmail dot com.

Hilary Lemon said...

Button... LeCheck.

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