Next time

Next time we are back in Colorado we will have our sweet baby girl in our arms.  Talk about a reality check.  Our trip was pretty fantastic.  We enjoyed:

-the long car ride out (24 hours to be exact)
-countless potty breaks.  this preggy bladder can't hold much
-picnics at the park
-the constant wind in our faces.  it felt like we were at the beach the whole time
-giggling with the nieces
-home cooked meals by moms
-free adjustments at the chiropractor (by john's uncle...lucky us!)
-dreaming about the things we will do with our baby girl when we bring her out there for the first time
-holding puppies
-going antiquing and finding gorgeous vintage earrings
-visiting and laughing with family
-playing basketball with old friends (well that one was just John, I ended up taking a preggy nap on the couch while the boys played.  sometimes this babe just sucks it all our of me!)
-eating ranch curley fries and pizza burgers at BJ's in Lamar and ordering from the telephone in the booth
-our two year old niece walking around telling everyone she had a baby in her belly.
-the endless views
-the long car ride back (26 hours to be exact)  and finishing the 1st Harry Potter book together. 1 down...6 to go

-then finally getting back to sleep in our own bed.

mr. murphy received a haircut from his sister the day after this was taken. yippppppppppeeee

I am amazed at the beauty of this place every time we go out there.

I love the sound of "next time".....


Rachel said...

I just LOVE your blog...we have so much in common...your post always make my day a little brighter.Congrats on your baby!

Kelsey Cunningham said...

Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time! What a nice time you got to spend with your family!! xo

Jessica Holly said...

1. You are a beautiful pregnant woman. 2. Colorado sounds like a dream :) 3. Vintage earrings? Do tell/show!

Nurse-to-be said...

I <3 Walsh. And I am so happy for the two of you!

kylee said...

i love long car rides. good music, good talks and good snacks.

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