a foot and a bum.

My mind is racing at the moment.  It is filled with warm thoughts of this child I am carrying.
I suppose it hasn't really hit me much until today that this is real, and even then I think I am grasping a tiny fraction of the reality of this situation.

Two heavenly things happened today.

This morning as I was in the shower I was running my hands over my little bump of a tummy and I felt something.  Something inside me changed.  It was as if my spirit was meeting my baby's spirit for the first time.  My spirit said "Hello."  and my baby's responded with joy.  I felt the bond I had been waiting to feel.  At 16 1/2 weeks pregnant I finally felt that moment I had been waiting for. I smiled as I knew things were going to different from here on.

(our baby's bassinet, a gift from my cousin)

Then around noon I went to visit a dear old high-school friend.  She is 37 weeks pregnant and her little boy Brady could come anytime now.  We sat around and talked about being pregnant and our feelings.  It felt so good to talk to someone who knew everything about this miracle that I am experiencing.  As we sat on the floor of her little boy's nursery my whole being was vibrating with excitement.  I couldn't wait to be in her shoes.  

We moved in to the living room and each had a snack.  Then I looked over at her and she was smiling down at her belly and told me that Brady was moving.  I asked her if I could feel him and she said yes.  So, I snuggled up next to her and her baby and felt the most miraculous thing.

A foot and a bum.

My eyes got huge and my mouth gaped open.  I don't remember ever feeling a baby move around like her was.  He was stretching his little feet and squirming around.  I almost teared up as I felt that little life move around inside of her.  I have only felt tiny flutters of my baby and I can't wait to feel it more.    

This pregnancy has been so easy so far.  I feel very lucky to have felt as well as I have.  We are slowly accumulating a few baby things around the house.  I'm sure after this Thursday's appointment baby prep will pick up a lot more around here.  I don't think I'll be able to resist going in to nesting mode right away.  

John and I go in two days to find out what we are having.  I have no idea what it is going to be.  But, it will be ours and it will be the most incredible little human we will ever meet.  I can't wait to feel little feet and a bum moving around in my tummy.


Meredith said...

this is so sweet.
i almost teared up reading this!
i'm so happy for you and your little baby :)
i hope your prego journey is a great one!

Anonymous said...

this is adorable.
Such a sweet post!
Excited for you guys :)

Haley said...

SO happy for you!!! I don't know how I missed that you were pregnant...I had fun looking back and seeing the announcement post back in June :) I totally took 3 tests too when we first got pregnant! ha! :)

i absolutely enjoyed reading every word of this post. Pregnancy really is an amazing thing. such a blessing to be working in a partnership with God in creation. and when you said you felt that bond happen with your little one, it made my heart skip a beat! it only gets better from here :) And how sweet that you and your close friend can share such a great experience together...and feeling her baby move! When you feel yours move inside you it's going to be the most surreal, awesome, precious, exciting thing EVER :) only thing better is when your hubby can finally feel it too (like you did with your friend).

sorry for the novel :) i'm just so happy for you :) hugs!! and congrats again!

Becca Jane said...

Oh I LOVE feeling my babies move, it's the best part of pregnancy. Did you see i had my baby last week??? I am so happy for you, you are going to be an amazing mother.

Jeska said...

love this post :)

having baby move inside is seriously the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. She's getting to be a tough little cookie now but I'll take some "ouches" just to feel her. I feel like I just found out I am pregnant and now 34 weeks. Enjoy each milestone, they pass very fast!

Jessica Holly said...

This is so magical.

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