Its the weekend!!!  This weekend will be full of:

P.F.Changs (be still my pregnant heart!)
Imax movies
Dates with my family
Cleaning out and organizing EJ's room
Shopping for EJ
Watching Jane Eyre by candlelight on the porch
Turning the AC waaaaaay down and pretending its already fall so I can cuddle with my husband
Preparing my primary singing lesson
Going to church for spiritual nourishment


Jessica Holly said...

Sounds magical! You look great!

Laura Wynn said...

so great! Jane Eyre on the porch, with candles (AND cuddling!)-daaang, sounds so perfect!

FEAS613 said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! Enjoy =0)


Katy said...

sounds like the PERFECT weekend. ;-) p.s. you have the "pregnancy glow" my dear. SO beautiful!

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