We've been pretty busy around here as of late.  
Our Uncle Grover (the one we recorded these songs for)  passed away two weeks ago.  We have been to Colorado and back for the funeral.  We are still shocked and so sad that he is gone.  He passed away from a very fast moving case of Pulmonary Fibrosis.  He left behind his wonderful wife and two little girls ages 2 and 5.  We owe much of what we have to Grover and Sally.

Uncle Grover offered John an internship here in Atlanta in 2009 after he returned home from his 2 year mission in Mexico.  He took it with plans to stay only a few months and then go out to BYU in the winter.  Grover and Sally invited John to live with them.  It was during that time that we met, fell in love, and got engaged.  John lived with them for a year.  When we found out we were having Evaleigh they passed down everything to us from their little girls; the crib, all of their clothes, shoes, toys, high chair, car seats, strollers.  The list could go on and on.  They would invite us over all of the time to have dinner and play music together.

If it weren't for Grover, it is possible John and I would have never met.

Thank you Uncle Grover.

(a little something John wrote)

Here is a poem Grover wrote last year:

Once I'm dead
And gone
My girls will carry on
My name
My blood 
My dreams my hopes my love

Because they 
Are everything to me
And I'll say 
The same 
to anyone
Its all about family

When I'm dead
Don't cry
Or compose a sad goodbye
Because I
Have lived 
to see my life completed by
My girls
My world
Is complete 

It's all about family

Matilda you
Have my heart
Ruby you're my art
And all I mean
By that is that I love you

When I'm dead
And gone
My girls will carry on

G Mundell Atlanta 2012

(If anyone feels like helping out, a college fund has been set up for the girls here.)


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