that magical moment...

...when you finally don't feel like hurling all of the time.

Good riddance first trimester. I am glad to see you go. 
With Evaleigh I didn't have morning sickness too bad at all.  This baby...is a completely different story.  
I had to sleep with Saltines by my bed.  I don't want to eat another Saltine for the rest of my life thank you very much.  This morning sickness was more like all day sickness.  
I don't know why I was stubborn and didn't take my husband's advice.  I should've just gotten the darn Zofran.  While I've heard that it works wonders for your nausea I've also heard it can stop up the other end for a month or so. No thanks.

I've been feeling pretty sleepy this time around too.  I'm sure missing those naps I could take just about anytime when I was pregnant with Evaleigh.  
A couple weeks ago I was feeling particularly exhausted so I closed my bedroom door as to barricade EJ and myself inside.  I laid down on the bed to hopefully get a little shut eye while I let Evie destroy our night stands and book shelf in the room.  
I was awakened by the noises of swishing and splashing water.
My pregnant brain forgot to remind me to close the bathroom door and EJ was having a blast in our toilet.  One of my proudest mom moments...

There are only a few more weeks til we find out what we are having, can't wait!


Caity Rae said...

I came across your blog the other day while using Google to find out more about the name Evalie/Evaleigh and how often it was used. I am SO incredibly glad that I did! Your nursery for EJ is exquisite and somewhat similar to what I'm working on now (except that it will never look as amazing).

Congratulations on your second pregnancy. I am due with my first girl in late May!

Your design skills are impeccable, and I look forward to reading about your journey with baby #2. I'm glad you are past the morning sickness. I always said the second trimester was like a trip to Disney World after the first trimester.

The Michelle Show said...

Ahh the nausea is the worst! This time around it isn't as bad *so far*, but with my son is was all day every day for 28 weeks. I threw up at least once a day, sometimes up to 5 times! I didnt want to be constipated either so I avoided the Diclectin.. but by 28 weeks I relented and took them and OMG IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I would do that again a million times haha!

Shawna Faye said...

Gah! I had all day nausea when I was pregnant. Not fun. Yay for second trimesters: the eye of the storm so to speak. :)

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