half a year

Well here we are.  I've blinked and half of the year has gone by.  I just can't imagine life without you.  You are such a consuming little human being, in the best way possible.  I just want to stare at you and see your flirty little side smiles all day long.  
You will most likely crawl this week or next, you keep pushing up on to your hands and knees.  
You are obsessed with Evaleigh, you want to watch everything she does.
You love when I sing to you it makes you smile and stop what you are doing.
Last week you randomly started taking a paci, that's weird.  Your sister never ever took one and neither did you until now.  You love it!
You are starting to level out with your growth. You are 20 pounds and 27 inches, still big but not as shocking as before.
You adore your father, as soon as he enters the room you want all of his attention. And you get it.


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