red hair and something from my heart

Today has been a super day.  I woke up early and went to a bodystep class at 8am and then to the grocery to get some teething tablets and diaper cream.  I had been thinking of making some changes to my hair and going red has been one of those things on my bucketlist for quite some time.  Since I was childless I took a little extra time and found my self in the hairdye aisle.  I found a shade I liked and thought, "why not?"  So I came home and dyed it all before the first session of general conference started.  After Evie saw me she said, "Ooooh princess hair mommy!"  That has got to be the best compliment.  So, here are way too many pictures of my new hair.

There is something else on my heart I'd like to share.  A couple weeks ago a man came to our church and spoke.  The topic of his talk was "Unapologetically Christian".  Since then I have not been able to get that phrase out of my mind.  I've been wondering what I can do better in my life to adopt that motto and apply it to the way I live and go through my days.  So I'll just share a few things.

This weekend is a special weekend for members of my church all around the world.  I'm sure most of you who read this blog know that I am a Mormon. My faith is such a big part of me and has helped me to cultivate a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ and has brought me so much joy in my life so far.  

So twice a year we have General Conference and our prophet Thomas S Monson speaks to us, 15 million Mormons all around the world, as well as the apostles and other leaders of our church.  This is such a unique opportunity because we can hear what the living prophet has to say to us and what The Lord wants us to know about our day.  

I look forward to these all year and they are such a strength and nourishment to my soul and spirit.  Today there were 3 incredible sessions of conference and tomorrow there are two more.  

I would like to invite anyone and everyone I know to watch these conference sessions and see if they bring a peace and good spirit in to your heart.  Hearing from the prophet and his apostles has changed my life for the better and has encouraged me to live a happy and meaningful life.

If you are interested in that for yourself the sessions are from 12-2 and 4-6 eastern time.  You can go to lds.org to watch it live! 


Jessica Holly said...

I love your hair. Love love love it. I wish that I could pull that color off!

Unknown said...

It's absolutely princess hair. Only a few can wear that shade and you are DEFINITELY rocking it! I have major hair envy. Love it, beautiful mama!

amy D said...

Princess hair! How sweet is she!! And it totally looks amazing. Love it!!!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

Love the red so much!

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