This week I was able to go take a break from all of life.  I had reached a point of frustration in motherhood and life and I desperately craved and needed some time to pray and think and sort things out for my self. So, when Amy invited me to join her in Myrtle Beach for a couple of days I jumped on that opportunity!

I enjoyed the 5.5 hour drive listening to John Bytheway talks the whole way there and they whole way back.  Stopping on the way there to surprise a sick McLain household with slushies and a cherry limeade from Sonic.  Then on the way back costing my cousin Brit and her family. 

I had time to pray on the beach, take long walks, read the first 1/3 of Stephanie Neilson's book Heaven is Here, I journaled twice, we watched 3 movies, ate PF Changs in bed with chopsticks and a whole little of San Pelligrino, I wrote music out on the porch, we played cards, and talked, i read my scriptures, and just sat and thought about my life.

Stephanie's book is gave me just the perspective I was craving and needing the past few weeks.  Sometimes being a mother is just plain hard and exhausting in every way possible.  But it is also wonderful and full of joy and eternally important. I'm so grateful for a couple of days to myself to remember how sacred my role as a mother is and to prioritize all of the things I want to do and be in this life. "Shortly, Nicholas would smear food everywhere, and the table would erupt in noisy conversation, but those few seconds before the prayer fueled me. I had learned that doses of quiet joy like that can be brief, but their effects are long-lasting and often carried me through the busy and challenging times of running our household." -Stephanie Neilson #heavenishere

The answer I feel like I got from God regarding my motherhood is that it is ok if it is hard.  It isn't supposed to be perfect and that I am to make the best and most of everything. 

I came back renewed reenergized and ready to tackle the task of being a great mother!!


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