Evie says....and a paper dress

I just adore our girl.  She is brilliant, organized, responsible, kind, loves to give service and create.

Today we made a paper dress.  She stood so still and just directed me as to what she wanted me to do. It was so fun.  Then she posed and posed and posed, which is not normal for her.  She typically has a very short picture limit.  

Also here are some things she has been saying lately:

My feet smell perfect

There's an ant in my eye or something

Maybe when I grow up and be a mom I can buy that Ariel bottle we saw at the grocery store.

During mom's homecoming talk she was speaking about Adam-on di-Ahman and Evaleigh looked up to me and said, "mom, we've been there to Adam ondi Aman."  It made me so happy!

While eating lunch Evie said, " come here dad I want to show you something!" When john got there he said he didn't see anything. And she said, "exactly because I ate it!" Haha

Can I have some more Cheetah chips? (Pita chips)


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