Oh this little mess of a boy right here.  I've got such a crush on him. I miss him when he sleeps (sometimes) and when the morning comes we are ready to snuggle right away. 

He is so attached to the blanket he was given by our friend when he was born.  It is truly his favorite thing next to his mom. He can sit for an hour and play trains and cars and motorcycle. Bless his heart we have been inundated with girl toys that he had, for the most part, adapted to playing with pink, princesses, and dress ups. He hasn't minded a bit and really neither have we.  But we've recently made an effort to start stocking up with more super heroes, minions, and motorcycles. He is soaking it up.

He always says, "tan-too" thank you.

Whenever I give him any direction he always say, "Oh..." As if he is hearing it for the very first time.  Even if I've said it 100 times. 

He loves his batman shoes (which are two sizes too small) and chocolate milk.

He is so tender.  If he hurts me and I *cry* he will kiss me all over.

He loves LOVES his sister.  They love sharing a room and giggle until we have to shut it down. 

He is making a very valiant effort at potty training. Batman underwears are his favorite.

He needs me and I need him so much.  I love that little boy and his unruly blonde straight hair. 


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