Goodbye Seminary // Armor of God challenge part two

I recently realized that I never got around to posting part two of The Armor of God Challenge.  To be honest I don't even remember what I wrote for part one and I'm a little too lazy right now to even figure it out.  But suffice it to say that today I came across all of the old pictures from the whole process on my iPad and I felt home sick for all of it.  Actually I felt homesick for seminary in general.

I was recently released from my early morning seminary calling.  To say that I was blindsided and heartbroken pretty much covers it.  I cried quite a bit.  It's just that I grew in ways I couldn't have possibly imagined and learned so much about my self, others, and the gospel.  I feel like I learned a sliver of what Christ-like love feels like.  I came to cherish and care for those teenagers, kids who weren't mine, and it was a love unlike anything I've experienced.  I prayed for those teenagers and worried about them and their struggles, I was so proud of their joys and accomplishments and I poured every bit I could in to the lessons I prepared for them.  I took very seriously the stewardship I had over that little flock of emotional, fickle, smelly, chatty, spiritual, teenagers. My little flock, I can name them each and every one by name....well the Lord's flock really.

I prayed so many times to have the right words to say and that the spirit would always be with us as we met together those early mornings to discuss the scriptures and things of the gospel. I sought help from my Heavenly Father to understand the hearts of those teenagers and the things that would help them the most.

I loved those early mornings driving in the darkness to the church when so much of the world wasn't even awake yet.  I loved pulling in to an empty parking lot and unlocking the door to the quiet empty church.  I loved seeing those sleepy eyed devoted students saunter in.  I loved the Friday breakfast, the games, the memorable lessons, the surprising comments, the spirit, the sharing, the testifying, the growing.

I loved the productivity I felt when by 7am I had already gotten up, gotten dressed, and really studied and talked about the scriptures.  I loved the students who would stay behind to tell me things and share with me the details of their lives.  I loved how fulfilled I felt and how I felt that I was truly using some of the talents that God gave me for good.  I felt that I was making a difference. I hope I did. 

I miss it.  I'll always miss it.  There will always be a special place in my heart for that year and a half.

Monroe Ward
Serves the lord
Fight with might
To shine your light
Together we stand
Strong and tall
Do good
Be good
Hoo ha-ha



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