I can do it

Today while we were getting ready to leave my moms house Evaleigh insisted on carrying everything out to the car. Even if there were something in my hands she would ask to carry it and say don't worry I can do it. On the way out she would drop items and then lean down to pick them up without a fuss or frustration. At one point I really wanted to help her but John wisely looked at me and said "let her do it." After she made it to the car with every thing I praised her and said, "wow Evie, good job! You can do hard things!" I hope that is a lesson she will learn in her life. 

On the way home we listened to some old Cirque du Soliel CDs that I found in the basement while cleaning up this afternoon. Evaleigh was loving the music while Avett fell asleep. At one point she asked me, "is this a sad song?" I asked her, "does it make you feel sad?"  She said yes.  Then I told her music can make you feel any emotion happy, sad, excited, relaxed, nostalgic. She asked me "mama, what does nostalgic mean?" Then I told her "do you know how when we are at Momommee's house and you tell me 'this feels like home?' Well we can feel the feeling of being at home."

Then she said in a very matter of fact tone, "yeah, I feel that way."

One the ride home she put her new blush on....about 7 times. Normally I would have squelched such a project but she looked so happy and I decided to embrace her first attempt at makeup by herself, really I just wanted to see where it would go and how far.  She was beaming a pretty little girl smile and was so proud of herself.

I love my Avett.  He was such a happy boy today.  I spent a lot of time swinging him in the swing and he kept asking to go higher up the the sky and up in the tree. I loved watching his sweet little high point to the sky. He is growing up so fast and I am cherishing these last bits of toddlerhood with him.  He is just 2 and a half still and sometimes I expect him to be where Evie is.  I have been finding more joy lately in embracing where he is now and sitting with him longer and playing with the things he is interested in.  We spent about 30 minutes together at our new little sand table yesterday making green sand with food dye. He loves to ask me to "cry mom."  And then he says our happy family word "jigglyjob". We made it up so when we say it no matter what who ever is crying has to stay and smile.  It sounds crazy but it works great and the kids think it's so funny. I love my sweet son and my giving curious daughter. 


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