After a hard morning full of lots of crying and whining and frustration I decided Avett *had* to have a nap. I tried and tried to get him down for a nap in his room and it was a struggle.  I surrendered my cause and just shut the door to his room to see if he would fuss him self to sleep.  I walked out feeling defeated and drained and looked up through the frizz of my frazzled pony tail only to see my sweet Evie at work in the kitchen.  She had pulled up a dining room chair up to the sink and she was scrubbing and washing and rinsing all of the dirty dishes.  I just about wept right then and there.  I walked closer and she caught me on her view and said, "Oh hey mom! Are you glad and lucky that you have someone to do the dishes for you?" I thanked her over and over for her service and kindness.  I am so proud of the service heart she is developing.  I adore her thoughtfulness and her ability to observe my frustrations and her determination to do something to make me smile. 

So yes Evie, to answer your question, I feel lucky.  I feel lucky in every way because of you my darling girl.


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