tonight, i was that girl...

I swore I would never get to this point.

Tonight I went to grocery store for some serious necessities adorned in comfy gouchos and my husbands t-shirt.
I was passing by the milk and suddenly things were feeling a bit drafty.  I ran my hand down my very pregnant belly and when I reached the bottom, to my horror and complete oblivion, my very pregnant belly was exposing itself...with out my permission.
How could I be so completely unaware of my own body?
I quickly tried to snuff out the situation and cover up but it was too late, I had been spotted.
You see, I have stretch marks.  I have one that I am particularly proud of.  It resides directly above my belly button (if it can still be called that nowadays).  It is an unmistakable lightening bolt.  A few weeks ago I was thinking, "How could pregnancy get any cooler?"  Then BAM...Harry Potter lightening bolt stretch mark on my tum.
After I procured all of the items on my list I went to the checkout and experienced my first REAL contraction.  Dang.  I had to completely stop walking and hold my shopping cart with a death grip.
Hold on baby girl...give your mama 2 more days.
I'm going to be a recluse and stay in til Tuesday, I can't be showing off my magical tummy marks anymore, I'm just not that girl.


Brittany said...

oh geez! haha you're so dang cute. Don't worry about it. She's almost here!

Jessica Holly said...

a lightning bolt??? That would probably complete my life.

Deveny said...

hahahaha, that's awesome! (You trying to cover it up automatically makes you NOT that girl. lol)

The Michelle Show said...

Did you just get that mark at the last minute? I have nothing on my tummy so far but I'm scared that it will pop out last minute :( wah

Stacey said...

I just found your blog for the first time today and am backreading all your post, this one cracks me up!!!

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