a baby shower brunch

On Saturday a few girls from my church, my sister, and mother got together and threw me and Miss Evaleigh a baby shower.  It was so much fun and it meant so much to me to be supported by all of these special ladies in my life, many of which have known me and my sister since we were pre-teens.  I am in awe of their generosity and creativity!
It was a lovely brunch filled with REAL life baby advice, birthing stories, and lots of laughter.
(i love that this glass jar says "Prego".  quite fitting for a baby shower don't cha think?)

The menu included:
Creamy Dreamy Grits Flying Biscuit Style
Breakfast Casserole
Susan Biscuits
Fresh Fruit
Waffle Skewers

She sure is!  
And we are more ready than ever...bring on that little girl so we can change her outfits 30 times a day.  Goodness knows we now have enough clothes to swing something like that!
Thank you so much to everyone who made it a perfect day.


Kendra said...

Just dreamy! Congrats again!

April Rowell said...

Everything looks so cute!!!

Ash said...

I was bummed I couldn't make it! It looks lovely. I'll try and get your present shipped soon!

robin said...

i need to know more about those beyond adorable invitations!

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness you have the best style. This is so cute.

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