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When Evaleigh was 4 days old we wanted to teach her something very important.  Before she was born John and I came up with the idea to take her to the temple as her very first outing.  This is something that we hope to do with all of our children after they are born.  So, on the way home from her doctor's appointment we drove by the Atlanta Temple.  We got out of the car and stood outside of the gate and told her about the gospel of eternal families.  We told her about how she is sealed to us forever because her mommy and daddy were married in the holy temple.  

How grateful I am to know that we will never be parted from her no matter what happens to any of us.  I am so happy that when John and I were married we were sealed together by the power of the priesthood.  This sealing goes through out the eternities and not just 'til death do us part'.  We are an eternal unit and because of this, our children will be ours forever and ever.  To me heaven would not be heaven if I didn't have my husband and daughter by my side.

We stood there and talked to her for quite some time as cars passed by us on the road.  Although she was sleeping I'm sure her little spirit heard what we were saying to her.

As we were heading back towards the car we experienced irony at its best.  After we had just had this incredible spiritual moment with our 4 day old daughter something awful happened.
 John stepped in a pile of dog poop on the side walk.  
Really!?!? Reeeeallyyy?! 
I suppose it was a life lesson right then and there.  Just as you are trying to do the right things and be good, opposition comes along to try and screw it up.  We laughed so hard doubled over on the sidewalk and then I almost cried because every laugh hurt my c-section incision.  It was a moment we will never forget.  John wiped off his shoes in the grass and then we tried to salvage the experience.
We drove off singing "I Love to See the Temple" to our beautiful sleeping baby.  

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Rachel said...

She is breath taking!congrats again...your family is just beautiful!

Kendra said...

the temple takes on such a more beautiful meaning after you have a little one :)

F as in Frank said...

This is so beautiful.

Lindsay said...

That's such a great idea! I want to remember that (and maybe steal it and use it) when I have kids. :)

PS, your daughter is breathtaking. Wow.

Jessica Holly said...

Such a beautiful idea!

ConnieB said...

This made me misty! I remember not wanting to leave the hospital with brody because I wasn't ready to introduce him to the cold, scary world. What a wonderful thing to do first. I will remember this!

Taylor Ann said...

what a sweet tradition! I'm sure whatever part of her is still present with Heavenly Father smiled real big, even though she was sleeping here.

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