big changes!

We are on our way to the Denver airport right now! We have loved our week here in Colorado so much. I've never seen trees so yellow and full of fall. I have a few things to share from our trip later.

We have some pretty big changes taking place when we land back in Atlanta. When we get back we will start packing up our things in my mothers country farm house and we will begin moving to a townhouse in the city. We are so excited for this move and to finally have it be just our little family of 3. We have loved so much living with my mother. I am so grateful for the time she got to spend with Evaleigh and that I was able to watch their relationship grow to be so close.

Leaving is a little bittersweet but we know that it is absolutely the right thing for our family. I am beyond excited to decorate our home and make it ours.

Can't wait for the changes ahead!


Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

It is so cute! Where are you moving now?

Robyn said...

lovely has it has been for you to all bond with you mum, this is such good news for your little family

Rachel said...

Yay! So exciting! Congrats!

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