ma ma

After all of my waiting and hoping Evaleigh finally said 'mama' yesterday!  We were on our way to the barn getting a few things ready for my birthday.  I had been practicing blowing kisses with her earlier that day and making 'muwah' sounds.  I guess something clicked because when we were walking out she said it.


Followed by 'babababababa dadadadadada'.  Just to give me a little tease.  I started jumping up and down screaming I was so happy!  Then when I was swinging her in the barn she said it a few more times and I flipped.  My heart is so happy.

Fall is coming, my birthday is too, and my little girl said 'mama'.  What could be better?


Rachel said...

Eeee! I know you must me so thrilled!And a happy early birthday to you!

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