While we were in Colorado my sister in law took me to Florence.  Its a beautiful old town near Canon City, CO.  Every single building on the main drag is an antique store.  We topped off the day at The Aspen bakery with creme puffs, cherry turnovers, and glass bottled sodas.  She fed Evaleigh pastry creme til she couldn't take it anymore, it was pretty hilarious.  I ended up with some amazing finds.

-1940's lace
-a quilt scrap
-1940's black and white polka dot fabric
-some vintage fabrics for Bow to the Queen and King
-a 1936 silhouette in its original frame.  Hello Helen Fischer.
-9 old match books
-a chicken wire basket
-an old hanky.  I'm going to revive the hanky wall in our new house!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!You certainly hit the jackpot! I am dying over the silhouette find!

Unknown said...

Rachel, your shop is so cute! Do you by chance make bowties? I would love to buy one for Luke!

Love all your fabulous vintage finds :)

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