moving and change

We've been busy moving all weekend. God bless the handful of people we had come help us. We've had two nights in our new place and they've been great but FREEZING. In all of the madness of returning from a week long trip to Colorado then packing and moving in a few days we forgot to turn on our utilities. Whoops! Evaleigh, who detests blankets, has had to suck it up and I've been sneaking in after she goes to sleep and covering her up.

We adore our new home and are falling more and more in love with it as the hours pass and things come together. I'm amazed at how quickly I am getting things to look like home.

Since our water is also not on yet we went to my dads house last night and took the biggest bubble bath with Evaleigh that has probably ever existed. I don't know who enjoyed it more, John or EJ.

Today I am continuing the endless task of unpacking boxes and Evaleigh is pulling herself up on every single thing. It's making unpacking a slow but fun process. She is getting so good at standing and sitting. I love watching her get herself around and she is shocking me with how quickly she is learning new things right now.

I kind of love moving. I love change.


robin said...

congratulations on your move! and i LOVE the look of all your stuff.

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