DIY Pillows

(sorry for the horrible grainy iphonephotos)

Of course you do!  
Because for the price of one table-runner at that magical place called Target, you can make 5 pillows!  FIVE! That comes out to $3.59 per pillow!!

I originally got this fantastic money saving idea from my cuz on (her blog.)

We have two kinds of fabric on the table-runner: the embroidered yellow and orange and the solid tan color.  This is nice because it will give you a variety.

Here are the directions for the embroidered fabric:

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(when previewing this blog John stayed on this GIF for one minute solid making ironing noises...oh how i love that boy)

Easy right?

For the tan solid fabric I followed the same directions until number 5.  Once I got there I used an iron on transfer sheet and ironed on my design to the fabric. 

This part is where you can really get creative because you can make it pretty much anything you can think of!

I searched on the internet and found some pictures of some old letters that were sent to America from Hermosillo, Mexico (where my John served his mission for two years).

The date on one of the letters was particularly special.  It was sent on our wedding date, only 126 years earlier!!  (well actually on the 25th of May but I edited it slightly...)

Ta daaaaaaaa.


Victoria Rey said...

What a great idea! I recovered a pillow a while ago and it was so fun, I should do it again.

Also, love the redesign!

Abbey said...

LOVE this! Great idea! I made some pillows early this year for my apartment, but I would have never have thought to use a cute table runner! :)

Kell said...

This is such a cute idea! I wish I knew how to sew.. ha!

Cierra::The Yellow House said...

Seriously!! What a great idea! Just in time too, I need to update my pillows on my sofa & my bed. You just saved the day :)

Meredith said...


i just recently tackled a pillow project. not as cute as these, but i felt accomplished.

Young People in Love said...

holy gaucamole! you are a genius!!! SO cute.

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

awesome! brill idea and a table runner - cool stuff! you're so resourceful and inspiring.

great "edit" on the one pillow too. i love how there's a meaning behind everything you do. ♥

oliveverlyblog said...

amazing idea! I used this exact same table runner to hide some very sad water damage done to a danish modern coffee table we acquired. I really need to refinish it, but this adorable runner is doing such a good job!

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