1. Green Apple Jones (it literally tastes like you are biting in to an apple) and homemade Pizza for girls night.
2. My gorgey new navy blues that my mommy bought me on Friday.
3.  Erin, my new little sister.  She is one heck of a sous chef in the kitchen.
4.  Two brother in laws and their fortress of a fire.
5.  Jumbomallow.  Most fantastic for s'more making.  They are the size of a full grown kiwi.  I'd like to see someone play "chubby bunny" with those suckers.  You get an automatic win if you can fit 2 in your mouth.
6.  My super Jones Soda bottle-cap fortune.  Thanks Jones, I needed that.
7.  Lindsay, my 2nd new little sis.  I'm obsessed with her straight across bangs.
8.  Mr. Murphy and I trying not to burn up from our bon-bon fire.
9.  My real little sister, Bek.  I love her and her tender heart to pieces.

Weekends are so heavenly.  And this one was full of:

making music with Mr. Murphy
new shirts with bows
making friends
making pizza
making fart noises
and no laundry...because that would be offensive to weekends. 



Court said...

I didnt even have to look to see that number 5 was in fact a marshmallow! i think i have an addiction...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Abbey said...

looks like fun! i love a good campfire!

Amanda Moury said...

Can I just say I love love the pictures/corresponding explanations?! It's like a game :) It looks like you had an uh-mazing wknd my friend!

Rachael said...

I need to try some of that Green Apple Jones drink!
Wow, that may be one of the biggest marshmallows I've ever seen!
Bon Fire...fun. Great way to keep warm!

christine donee said...

ugh laundry.. stay out of my weekend!

i'm partial to the jones soda "fufu berry".. my mouth is watering just thinking about it

LCR said...

don't you love looking back on the weekend, looking over the pictures and savoring it all? i just wrote a post about it too:)
love the iphone photos.

Diana Smith said...

HOLY COW that marshmellow is huge!! S'mores would be sooo yummy! i love iphone photos! I have some over at my blog right now!

Shay said...

I love Jones soda! And that marshmellow? I direct gift from heaven. Yummy- makes me wanna build a fire now!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I need to go out and get some Jones soda RIGHT NOW. It's been forever since I had one!

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