Don't forget your underwear

Why does it always seem that we overbook ourselves during the most busy weeks?

Yesterday during the throws of an allergy attack I took a Zyrtec because I was desperate.  

I don't take medicine.  I don't like it.  Mostly because I had pills shoved down my throat for all of my childhood because I suffered from a BAD case of ADD.........................shiney thing.......la la la...la la la la la....la...........la......................la la.

Ok, back to blogging.

So, yesterday after the Zyrtec, I felt like the walking dead.  I literally almost fell asleep while teaching a piano lesson yesterday.  That poor student, I may have drooled on little Ben Fritz.

Today I have a ZYRTEC HANGOVER. A bad one.  I have a million and one things to do but no energy to do it. HMPF.  

Our flight to Miami leaves early tomorrow morning.  My mom, dad, and John and I will be there all weekend as I will be performing with the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra and Rima Tawil.  We are staying in a hotel on the beach.


I hope I remember my underwear while I'm packing.  

I'm never taking pills again.


Ashley said...

you are my aboslutely most favorite person right now... La la la and shiney things are my passion.. HA!

Ashley said...

Yes I am commenting again.. just simply to say I just cried at work, while watching your wedding day video...beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Yours is one of my new favorite blogs. Just sayin'. La la la la. (o:

Meredith said...

Haha you go girl!
Sing your heart out,
and don't forget your undies.
We're taking a trip to Georgia this weekend,
and I was literally this close to leaving the undies behind.

grace said...

haha... i'm the same way. if i take nyquil i'm "hungover" for the next day or two!
have a BLAST in miami- don't forget your camera either!

Rachael said...

Aww, I love that little bulletin board! So cute.

kylee said...

i'm anti medicine too. hate it. i choose to deal with the pain over meds any day. so packing story for you: family boating trip. most important thing to pack? swimsuit of course. what did i forget? oh just my swimsuit. did any stores in the area have any that fit me? zero. i swam around in shorts & a tank the entire trip. and that is why i ALWAYS make lists every time i pack for anywhere now. have fun in miami & good luck on your performance!

The Mister and The Missus said...

haha I'm the same way with medicine! It's awful.

Anonymous said...

I was ADD too! I took meds for it (and generic ones that messed me up) for five years and when I was 16 or 17 I finally said enough was enough. That stuff made me feel like a zombie and I felt less social when I was on it. My doctor said I would fail school...but guess who graduated with a 3.4! Not the best, but definitely not failing!
GO ADD KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shalyn said...

HA- love this! You are too funny. Have fun this weekend singing your precious little heart out!

Connie said...

Haha! You made me laugh multiple times in this! Lol
I hope you guys are having so much fun!

Ps. I used IMovie :)

Cecilia Warner said...

oh my goodness you are TOO funny! i really love what you did with your picture. you should check out my blog and follow if you like {: i really love yours<3


Laura Wynn said...

Sheesh! Thats insane ;p Hope your time was amazing, it sounds awesome!
Ps-giveaway over at my blog!

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