22 weeks
We are moving right along.
I feel like time is speeding up in a way.
Fall is most certainly making an appearance outside of our house.
I am loving every second of it.

This Friday after hubs and I went to the temple together, we went out for sushi and then got our own makings for hot chocolate.
It was a date night for the books for sure, but it was simple.  It felt like we were dating again.  We giggled and talked the whole time.
We went home, put on sweat pants, and snuggled up in bed and watched The Cosby's.  
I love simple nights like that.

22 weeks has brought some amazing feelings.
I am only just now starting to feel our daughter kick...by far one of the most indescribable things I have ever experienced.
Our little girl must love music just like us because every time I have felt her move it has been while listening to music.
Th other night we were playing opera for her on my iPhone and she went to town kicking and moving.
This past Thursday I was in Atlanta recording a CD with the HVP and she was loving the sounds and started kicking then too during our recording session.
Then this Saturday we had a girls night over at my house and my friend Lauren started to play Avett Brothers on the piano and then yet again...she started kicking.

I cherish every single one of those movements.
I love feeling her move inside of me.  I can't believe that I am providing the home for our daughter to form and grow until she is ready to enter this world.
Often times I look so forward to the day when she gets here but then I stop and realize, "Wait, she IS already here!"
My mother always says to me that I should enjoy every stage of being pregnant and being a mother.  She tells me never to say, "I can't wait til..."  
Because I should live each moment in gratitude for the present.


Valerie said...

what beautiful advice from your mother!

Lissa Chandler said...

you are so darling.

Jessica Holly said...

I love this! These photos are just oozing Fall!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I'm loving that BUMP!!! And the photos are so Autumn-y and beautiful! Can I get some falling leaves here, please!?!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

You are so stinking adorable pregnant.

I liked the message that we should always be grateful for the moment we are in. I struggle with that sometimes- thanks for the reminder :)

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